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Getting started as an executor

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Executors can be held personally liable for the decisions they make in the course of estate administration, so it's important to know your duties and the risks involved.

Executor Risk Profile

Be prepared for the risks if you're an executor of an estate. Using the risk calculator, estimate your risk exposure by assessing the common variables that most often are responsible for triggering estate disagreements or errors.

Executor Checklist

If you're currently settling an estate, the following checklist can help prepare you for the key tasks involved.

Corporate Executor

Choosing a corporate trustee rather than a family member or friend may be the appropriate option when a large, complex, or potentially contentious estate is involved.

Advertising for Creditors

It is essential for executors to advertise for creditors to ensure they are not held liable for the debt personally.   For the most cost effective method, visit NoticeConnect.

Real Estate

The role of executors can be enormously challenging and carries considerable risk, but none more so than the sale of real estate property (and often, contents of the home). Specialized professional CEA realtors are highly advised.

Search for a Will

Are you still looking for the will? Searching the Canada Will Registry is a powerful step to find missing wills.

Notifications and Forms

Notification List

Know who you need to communicate directly with from beneficiaries to banks and institutions to employers.

CPP Notification of Death

Use this form to notify Service Canada of the death of a Canada Pension Plan (CPP) beneficiary to stop the payment of CPP benefits in order to avoid overpayment.

CPP Death Benefit Application

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Death Benefit must be applied by the executor within 60 days of the testator's death to receive payment made to the estate of the deceased contributor.

Executor Insurance Application

Even if mistakes are without fault, protect yourself from personal liability and legal fees that may arise as a result of negligent administration of an estate.

Estate Information Return

An executor is required to file the Estate Information Return within 90 days of the date of the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, with or without a will.

Estate Information Return Guide

This guide will help estate representatives complete the Estate Information Return, providing information to the Ministry of Finance under the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998, as well as filing requirements and the consequences for not filing the required Information Return.
April 13th, 2024