Real Estate

The role of executors can be enormously challenging and carries considerable risk, but none more so than the sale of real estate property (and often, contents of the home). Specialized professional CEA realtors are highly advised.

Most people initially believe selling an estate property is no different than any normal real estate transaction but they soon discover they couldn't be more mistaken.

Real estate sales in estate situations can be risky, costly, and subject to criticism by heirs, creditors and other third parties, even to the point of litigation.

The executor is responsible for the property at all times until it is sold, as well as the ongoing maintenance expenses which erode the value of the overall estate on a daily basis. Where contents are also involved, the stress and workload can cause significant challenges, not to mention risk to the property itself.

Specialized professional management can simplify the process considerably, expedite the sale, minimize the risk and even provide substantial third-party defense documentation in the event of legal challenges. The cost is often actually less than the cost of selling the property alone through regular realty channels, whether the property is across town or across the country.

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May 31st, 2020