One of the most common questions we are asked is the classic "Who should I name as my executor?"

ClearEstate makes that easy to answer!

ClearEstate makes it easy because you can name them if you don't have anyone that makes sense, but with all the services they offer for estate planning and settlement, you probably do have someone.

We often explain that the executor's job is twofold; there are the personal contents, like furniture and figurines, that a family member might manage, and then there's the harder, more technical part where all the risk is. So, appoint a friend or family for the first part, (with Gordons if they need a hand, and let ClearEstate handle all the rest!

Whether you're preparing your own estate ('testator') or you're an overwhelmed family member trying to settle an estate ('executor'), ClearEstate has the tools to help, at a fraction of what you'd normally pay for professional services. We like their clear up-front pricing that's affordable for almost any estate.

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May 20th, 2024