Will your estate be ReadyWhen the time comes?

For a great many Canadians, the answer is no, because getting started is hard.

ReadyWhen understands this challenge, and they've just made it much easier to get started.

You don't need a will, property or anything else. Just start with what you have!

There are several aspects to ReadyWhen that we really like:

  • Everything is bank security level protected, so there's nothing to worry about.
  • Built by subject matter experts with over +15 years of legal experience, the company proactively guides you to enter, upload and store the right information so you can build a complete Estate plan with ease.
  • They're inexpensive. We're talking $50 a YEAR or $500 for the rest of your life!
  • The best part? You can add the love in any format - photos, videos, notes - to ensure the people you care most about will have your forever memories. This is not for you, it's for them.
  • The folks at ReadyWhen have families too, just like us, and they understand what we need.
May 20th, 2024