Strategic Edge provides solutions that make life easier for Canadians, such as

  • The end-to-end DIY term life insurance provision on this site. Get quotes for the coverage you want with no requirement to speak to anyone unless you want to. Apply online. E-file. We respect your autonomy.
  • The Insured Home Income Plan. Access the equity in your home without leaving debt for your heirs. Why leave 1/3rd of your savings out of your retirement plan?
  • The Insured Bequest. Leave a legacy to the charity of your choice with no work or risk for your executor while leaving them a huge charitable tax credit to offset taxes owing.
  • Tax free cheques, delivered at the precise moment your estate taxes become payable, cutting your costs in half.
  • Estate Liquidity Analysis, to ensure your executor has the funds they need without selling off assets.
  • These are examples of the solutions we provide.
May 20th, 2024