Willing Wisdom Index™


The Willing Wisdom Index™ helps clients consider important estate planning decisions before they meet with their lawyer, leading to more productive meetings and lower legal fees.

Canadians can use the Willing Wisdom Index™ to quickly and effectively evaluate their estate preparedness, get a high level view of what's working and what isn't, and obtain a detailed checklist of what's needed so they can work with their advisors to implement their own plan.

The tool also helps Canadians avoid the government deciding who gets all of their worldly possessions when they pass away and can help minimize taxes arising on death. It's a great investment!

How It Works

When you click the Let's Get Started! button below, you'll only be asked for your name and email address. NO ONE WILL SEE YOUR TO-DO LIST BUT YOU.
(You will have the option to share it with up to three people, IF you wish.)

This is not an IQ test. The only way it shows how smart you are is if you do it, because you'll save so much money from having clear direction about what you need to do.

This is not hard. In fact , they've removed all the legal jargon so average Canadians like us can actually make sense out of the recommendations!

The cost is just $195 plus tax and yes, that's in Canadian dollars. If it saves you just half an hour with your lawyer, you're ahead, and you'll save a lot more than that with this remarkable twenty-plus page report, delivered instantly upon completion.

April 14th, 2024